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Profile of Dalian Machine Tool Group Corporation

Founded in 1948, Dalian Machine Tool Group has developed a number of machine tool "firsts" throughout its history and it has been a true pioneer for this industry in China.

Since launching the “Tenth Five-Year Plan”, all the old equipment and traditional manufacturing process had been eliminated in new facilities, equipment now used is all numerical controlled (NC) machines. Meanwhile, Dalian Machine Tool Group has been innovating, reacting and embracing new technologies, changing developing mode, and carrying out large-scale technical reform. All of these have not only improved its numerical control technology, flexible manufacturing technology, and automatic detection technology; but also elevated the level of its design and manufacturing of high-speed CNC machine tools, high-speed machining centers, flexible production lines, and CNC function components. Additionally, a batch of breakthroughs in core technologies that had been restricting the development of China’s CNC machine tools in the past and a number of competitive high-end products in the worldwide market have also been achieved and innovated by the company.


To 2014, major products of Dalian Machine Tool Group have achieved totally 59 municipal, provincial, and national-level Science and Technology Progress prizes, 173 new patents, 168 proprietary intellectual properties, and more than 640 kinds of new advanced products for domestic and overseas market.


During the past 60 years, Dalian Machine Tool Group has provided more than 500,000machine tools and 600 automatic production lines for the automotive industry, wind power, oil drilling, rail transportation, engineering machinery and other key industries. Its products have been sold to more than 100 countries and regions worldwide through its international distribution and service network, connecting several thousand sales agents as well as a number of storage centers, to provide global service.


“DMTG”brand has been evaluated as "China’s well-known trade mark for years. The CNC lathes of DMTG brand are awarded as famous products in China. For these same consecutive years, Dalian Machine Tool Group has also been in a leading position and won the “Top Ten” award in China for its proprietary innovation, sales revenue, production output of CNC machines, and sales revenue in export products.  It has also won the Chinese Industrial Award and has been ranked as the national advanced organization in achieving "integration of information technology and industrialization" successfully.


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