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Dalian Machine Tool Services World Covering nearly 100 countries throughout Latin America, Africa, Europe, Oceania, North America, Middle East, CIS, Southeast Asia, domestic 23 province-wide network coverage
  • Africa

    General manager Jiang Rui +86-13591715786
    South Africa Jiang Rui
    Tunisia Jiang Rui
    Nigeria Jiang Rui
    Garner Jiang Rui
    Ethiopia Jiang Rui
    Tanzania Jiang Rui
    Rwanda Jiang Rui
    Burkina Faso Jiang Rui
    Congo Cloth Jiang Rui
    Sultan Jiang Rui
    Algeria Jiang Rui
    The Ivory Coast Jiang Rui
    Kenya Jiang Rui
    Zambia Jiang Rui
    Gabon Jiang Rui
    Uganda Jiang Rui
    Egypt Jiang Rui
    Congo Gold Jiang Rui
    Morocco Jiang Rui
    Cameroon Jiang Rui
    Angola Jiang Rui
    Benin Jiang Rui
    Zimbabwe Jiang Rui
    Namibia Jiang Rui
    Aouth Sultan Jiang Rui
  • Commonwealth of the Independent States

    General Manager Zhao Feng +86-18040131289
    The United Arab Emirates Zhao Feng
    Russia Zhao Feng
    Belarus Zhao Feng
    Ukraine Zhao Feng
    Kazakhstan Zhao Feng
    Kyrgyzstan Zhao Feng
    Uzbekistan Zhao Feng
    Tajikistan Zhao Feng
    Turkmenistan Zhao Feng
  • Europe

    General manager Guo Rui +86-15904113011
    Germany Guo Rui
    France Guo Rui
    Italy Guo Rui
    Spain Guo Rui
    Portugal Guo Rui
    Belgium Guo Rui
    Austria Guo Rui
    Poland Guo Rui
    Czech Guo Rui
    Britain Guo Rui
    Slovenia Guo Rui
    Romania Guo Rui
    Bulgaria Guo Rui
    Greece Guo Rui
    Turkey Guo Rui
    Denmark Guo Rui
    Norway Guo Rui
    Sweden Guo Rui
    Finland Guo Rui
  • Latin America

    General Manager Jiang Rui +86-13591715786
    Mexico Xu Chuanchao +86 15566850619
    Argentina Xu Chuanchao
    Chile Jiang Rui
    Peru Jiang Rui
    Ecuador Jiang Rui
    Columbia Jiang Rui
    Venezuela Jiang Rui
    Cuba Jiang Rui
    Panama Jiang Rui
    Bolivia Jiang Rui
    Paraguay Jiang Rui
    Uruguay Jiang Rui
    Honduras Jiang Rui
    Costa Rica Jiang Rui
  • Middle East

    General manager Zhao Huiwu +86-15909848118
    India Zhao Huiwu
    Sri Lanka Zhao Huiwu
    Saudi Arabia Xu Peng +86-13624919949
    The United Arab Emirates Xu Peng
    Kuwait Xu Peng
    Yemen Xu Peng
    Oman Xu Peng
    Afghanistan Xu Peng
    Jordan Xu Peng
  • North America

    General Manager Ma Qianli +86-13904091137
    U.S.A Ma Qianli
    Canada Ma Qianli
  • Oceania

    General manager Zhao Huiwu +86-15909848118
    Australia Zhao Huiwu
    New Zealand Zhao Huiwu
  • Southeast Asia

    General Manager Bai Xianshuang +86-15698865165
    The United Arab Emirates Bai Xianshuang
    Japan Dong Jun
    The Republic of Korea Dong Jun +86 15566885633
    Laos Bai Xianshuang
    Burma Bai Xianshuang
    Thailand Bai Xianshuang
    Indonesia Dong Jun
    Singapore Dong Jun
    Philippines Dong Jun
    Malaysia Dong Jun
    Kampuchea Bai Xianshuang


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